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Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Unit of the Lockport Police Department is staffed by one officer.  The officer assigned to the traffic unit is responsible for general traffic enforcement, directed traffic patrols, abandoned autos, and truck weight enforcement.

Truck Enforcement
Outside the traffic unit, the Lockport Police Department also has several officers who are trained in truck weight enforcement.  Those officer are specially trained to enforcement the size, weight and load violations of vehicles of the second division.  In addition, these officers also enforce violations of the designated truck routes within the city limits.  Click here for a map of the designated truck routes in the City of Lockport.

Local Bridge Weight Limits
Click here for our updated local bridge weight limits (12/14)

Overweight Move Approval Form
Click here for the Lockport Police Department Overweight Move Approval Form.  Complete this form and simply fax it to the police department number on the form.  Please note, simply faxing this form does not constitute approval.  Official approval needs to be signed by a department member with such authority.  A follow-up phone call to the police department is recommended upon faxing of the form.

Below are some useful links for truck drivers and trucking companies:

Illinois Department of Transportation - Truckers Page

Illinois Department of Transportation - Permit Application

Illinois Department of Transportation - Permit Manual

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