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Special Operations Squad

The Lockport Police Department has one officer assigned as a liaison officer to the Joliet Police Department’s Special Operations Squad.  This unit is one component of Joliet’s Critical Incident Response Team.  Other components include crisis negotiators, tactical telecommunicators, and special operations paramedics.  The Special Operations Squad is a 28 member team dedicated to resolving high risk incidents beyond the operations capabilities of the average patrol response.  The SOS liaison officer also responds with the SOS to critical incidents in the cities of Lockport, Crest Hill, Plainfield and the campuses of Joliet Junior College.

Officers selected as liaisons to the SOS are required to maintain much higher standards of marksmanship and physical fitness than the average patrol officer.  SOS members must maintain a 90% qualification score in marksmanship training with both the duty handgun and the patrol rifle.  Officers are tested twice annually to insure their ability to pass rigorous fitness standards in the areas of strength, endurance, speed, and cardiovascular fitness.

The SOS liaison officer trains on a monthly basis with the team.  This training includes topics such as dynamic entry, covert clearing, high risk warrant service, firearms, and many other areas related to resolving critical incidents.

In addition to monthly training, SOS members must pass a State certified 80 hour basic SWAT school.

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