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Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

Mobile Field Force
Currently, the Lockport Police Department has assigned one officer to the ILEAS Mobile Field Force Team. The purpose of the Team is to supplement or assist any law enforcement agency in need during a crisis or emergency. The team may be called upon to respond to a variety of disasters, emergencies, incidents or events. Some of these instances may include:

Supplementing law enforcement presence for a man-made or natural disaster
Supplementing police presence for a pre-planned or spontaneous civil disturbance, protest or riot
The assistance of State of Illinois law enforcement personnel deployment to another state affected by a disaster, major emergency or large scale event

The ILEAS team formation that the Lockport Police Department currently is involved with is called the Region 3 Central Pharmaceutical Distribution Site Security Team (Mobile Field Force).  The Region 3 Central Mobile Field Force is made up of sixty-eight sworn officers and two tactical paramedics representing eighteen different police agencies and two fire departments.   As more police agencies in Illinois learn about and understand the purpose of the Mobile Field Force, there is more interest generated in team usage and departments wanting to add their officers to the existing Team’s roster.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Special Response Team 
The Lockport Police Department currently has three officers assigned to the ILEAS WMD/SRT team.  This team is a highly trained, equipped and skilled tactical team that serves as a resource for ILEAS member agencies in handling weapons of mass destruction incidents.  In addition to standard SWAT equipment each team also has hazardous materials protective gear and detection equipment, armored vehicle and self   contained breathing apparatus.

The training these officers receive requires that each year they participate in a full scale weapon of mass destruction training scenario.  All participants complete a list of mandatory training that includes an intense physical fitness test, interior tactics/covert entry scenarios, and wet and dry decontamination scenarios.  These training events are usually done with little or no notice to the communities where the training is to take place.  This enables the special response team and any other ILEAS teams to coordinate their efforts with fire service, HAZMAT and any other local, state or federal agency that is involved in the scenario.

Our participation in these programs not only trains our officers in critical areas of law enforcement during a disaster, but it also provides our city with the same response from the teams in the event our city should experience a disaster, either natural or man-made.

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