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Environmental Services

Unwanted Medication Program
In a joint effort between the Lockport Police Department, Lockport Township Government and the Will County Land Use Department, the city has implemented an unwanted medication program. Each year this country improperly disposes of thousands of pounds of medication.  Much of this medication is flushed into the sewage system.  This method causes serious interruption  to the waste water treatment process.  The city of Lockport encourages citizens to bring their unwanted medication to the Lockport Police Department and place the items in the secured drop box located in the front lobby.

Any expired prescription or non-prescription medication that is no longer needed can be safely disposed of at our collection location.
Acceptable prescription and non-prescription medications include pills, salves and liquid medications in original containers.  Items not in original containers must be packaged in non-leaking containers.  Unacceptable items include sharp needles, syringes, IV bags, thermometers and medical waste.

The prescription and non-prescription drug disposal program is anonymous and does not require any identification to deposit medications.  The goal of the program is to keep our environment and residents safe from the harmful effects of improper disposal of medications.  The medications will be taken to an approved location by the Environmental Protection Agency for safe disposal.  This is a free service to this community. This is a 24 hour service.

Electronics Recycling Program
In a joint effort between the city of Lockport and the Will County Land Use Department, the city has implemented an Electronics Recycling Program. Residents of this community may drop off their unwanted or non working electronics to the recycling drop off site located at the Public Works Facility. The Public Works Facility is located at 17112 Prime Blvd, Lockport, east of Interstate 355. The hours to drop off items are Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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