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Department Services

Certified Car Seat Installers

The Lockport Police Department has several certified car seat installers. If anyone is interested in having a child restraint seat installed or looking for clarifications to the state law mandating child restraint systems, please contact the Lockport Police Department records section for an appointment.

Citizens can also check out the following links to assist them with car seat questions:
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration
Illinois Department of Transportation

 Fleet Watch

Fleet Watch is much like a Neighborhood Watch on wheels, which allows us to increase our eyes and ears in the community to detect any criminal activity and add additional intervention.  The program focuses on help from local businesses having a large vehicle fleet to aid police officers.  An example of these would be Lockport Public Works, the school bus depot, Lockport Township senior department, post office employees as well as the Lockport Township Park District.  Any of these entities observing criminal or what they believe might be criminal activity will contact the police department with the information so the police department can investigate.  Agencies or businesses who participate in the program have been trained in recognizing certain criminal activity.  They have also been given bumper stickers to display on their vehicles to let the public know they participate in the program.

 Yellow Dot Program

In cooperation with TRIAD, persons 55 and older are issued a yellow magnetic sticker to place on the rear window of their vehicle. This alerts first responders of vital health and emergency information contained in the glove box, should the driver not be able to communicate with paramedics or police. Vehicle occupants fill out the health file provided and place it in the car along with an identifying picture. If you are interested in this programs, please contact the Lockport Police Department crime prevention office at 815-838-2132. 

 File for Life

File for Life is similar to the Yellow Dot program, this file is placed in the home on the refrigerator door. Homes are designated with a red sticker in the front window alerting first responders should the occupant not be able to relay health information due to incapacitation. If you are interested in this program, please contact the Lockport Police Department crime prevention office at 815-838-2132.

Crisis Line of Will County

The Crisis Line of Will County provides a free service to Will County Residents called "Reassurance Calls". Every day, Crisis Line calls numerous elderly, handicapped and homebound people with a friendly chat to check on their well being. This allows people to stay independent in their own homes. Anyone interested in this program or any of the many available services the Crisis Line provides is asked to contact the organization at 815-744-5280 .

 In Case of an Emergency (ICE)

The Lockport Police Department encourages citizens to store emergency contact phone numbers in their cell phone under an entry named "ICE". Should you suffer from a medical emergency, first responders which include police, fire and hospital staff have been trained to look for "ICE" in your cell phone address book . The numbers listed under ICE should be persons you would want to be contacted should you suffer from a medical emergency and are unresponsive.

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