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Welcome to the Lockport Police Department Website!

Thank you for visiting the Lockport Police Department website. I hope that you find this information source a useful tool in answering basic questions about our department mission, structure, and community policing goals.

While visiting the site, please be sure to focus on areas like crime prevention and our on-going commitment to traffic safety. The Lockport Police Department prides itself on publishing and informing the citizens on ways to prevent criminal activity and keeping residents and business owners informed of current crime trends and areas where extra vigilance is needed. Additionally, we are a department committed to safe travel in our community as evidenced by our traffic safety strategies, to include periodic road side safety checks and seatbelt enforcement zones.

I am confident that this web site will be a wealth of information and a tool for the residents of Lockport to use on a daily basis, to be informed of the law enforcement activity in their community.

Terry Lemming
Chief of Police

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