Care Trak Program

The Lockport Police Department has implemented the Care Trak Rescue Program.  This program allows family members to track loved ones who are impaired and have a history of wandering away from home.  Care Trak Rescue is a mobile tracking system that uses a radio frequency wrist band to locate lost individuals.  When an individual wearing a transmitter is reported missing, the local certified Care Trak Rescue law enforcement agency can start the search using a radio tracking system.  The tracking system has a range of up to one mile.
The following are criteria for the program:

Resident of the City of Lockport
Documented diagnosis of: Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Psychotic Disorder, or Developmental Disability
Must be under continuous twenty-four hour supervision
History of wandering

Difficulty in communication skills

This tool provides peace of mind when you have a loved one who might wander from home.

To sign up for the program contact Officer Jeren Szmergalski at (815) 838-2132, or come into the Lockport Police Department and pick up an application.  The cost of the program is approximately $250.00 per citizen, a cost that is funded by the Lockport Township Supervisor's Office.

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