Illuminate Lockport 

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ILLUMINATE LOCKPORT will project a 4,000-square-foot video commemorating Lockport's history on the façade of the Historic Norton building at 201 West 10th Street. Beginning April 21st, visitors can see local and international projection artists every week, Wednesday through Sunday from dusk until 11:00 p.m. Do you want to contribute as a local artist? Or submit content celebrating our community? CLICK HERE to complete the application and submit content for review.  You will be notified if your submission is accepted!

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Thank you to the donors who help beautify downtown through their sponsorship of the Mural Program and ILLUMINATE LOCKPORT. Your generosity has gotten these projects off the ground and onto the walls! Sponsorships are still available to fund local, professional projection art content throughout the year. CLICK HERE to learn more and to become a sponsor! 

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Eric Scott Fischer Illuminate Lockport


Artist, animator, illustrator and filmmaker from the Chicago area. Eric studied film and video at Columbia College in Chicago and has been freelancing in illustration, design, animation and film/video for 20 years. His films are made by using a mix of traditional and digital tools, often starting out as pencil on paper or colored cells shot underneath a variety of cameras. The juxtaposition of fast-moving images and shapes allows color to have a freedom of expression and feeling, letting the images destroy themselves under layer upon layer of separately animated images. 


Liviu has a Chicago–based practice creating visual experiences using new media and technology. He works as a projections designer, cinematographer, editor, animator and has produced, directed and performed for live multimedia experiences. He has been affiliated with theaters and artists such as Luftwerk, Nick Cave, Bob Faust, Collaboraction, Chicago Children’s Theatre, Adventure Stage, Manual Cinema, Blue Man Group, Lucky Plush, The Seldoms, Claudia Hart, Federico Solmi and many more. For more info visit