Coal Tar

Coal-tar sealcoat is a type of sealant used to maintain and protect driveway and parking lot asphalt pavement. Coal-tar sealcoat typically contains 20 to 35% coal tar pitch, a byproduct of the steel manufacturing industry, which is 50% or more PAHs by weight. (Source: 

Many PAHs are of concern because of their harmful impacts on humans and the environment. They are persistent organic compounds, several PAHs are known to be carcinogenic to humans and toxic to aquatic life. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), several states and cities have taken action to address PAHs from coal-tar sealcoat, including: City of Austin, TX, the District of Columbia, State of Minnesota, and State of Washington. 

In 2020, Illinois Senate Bill (SB) 2954 was introduced. Then, the bill was reintroduced in February 2021 as SB 0692 which creates the Coal Tar Sealant Disclosure Act. In November 2020, the City Council passed Resolution No. 20-111 which bans the sale, use, and application of coal-tar based products.