Snow Removal

The City has established a priority plowing system to help traffic move as efficiently and safely as possible.

  • Priority One streets are those that are main streets, including those in subdivisions, roads that link arterials, and those streets with schools located on them.
  • Priority Two streets are minor residential, side streets, and those cul-de-sacs with steep inclines and/or sharp curves.
  • Priority Three streets include dead ends, cul-de-sacs, and alleys.

There are a number of roads within the city that are plowed and salted by the Illinois Department of Transportation:

  • Route 171 (State Street / Archer Avenue)
  • Route 53 (Broadway)
  • Route 7 (159th Street / 9th Street), including the high-level bridge

Will County plows Division Street, east of Briggs, and Briggs Street, south of Division. 

Parking Ordinance

As a reminder, City Ordinance 70.27 states that "no person shall park any vehicle upon public streets at any time after snow begins to fall and for a period of eight hours after snow stops falling on the streets and public parking lots. If the snow on the street exceeds two inches in depth, the parking prohibition shall continue until snow removal operations are complete."