The Building Department, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 222 E. 9th Street, is part of the Community and Economic Development Department and is responsible for plan reviews, issuance of permits and scheduling of inspections for all construction projects.  Our goal is to ensure the safety and general welfare of the community through the implementation of local, state and national building codes and standards.  Please contact the Department at 815-838-0549, option 5 with any questions or assistance with permit applications.

Please note, once applications are submitted, they will be reviewed and processed in a timely fashion.  Applicants will be alerted if any revisions are required, or when the permit is ready for pick-up and payment.  It is important that no work occur prior to receiving a building permit.  Work without a permit shall be subject to double the permit fee cost, if and when issued.

Permit process

  1. Print out or pick up permit application on the Web or at the Building Department.
  2. Follow instructions shown on the application, submitting all necessary documents.
  3. When notified, pick-up and pay for the permit at the Building Department.
  4. Call for required inspections as indicated on the permit conditions.